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About Kinsale Nets

Kinsale Nets is an award-winning Web development & Software Design House.With almost a century of combined experience, we are small, flexible, but very skilled. Our work ethic is of growth through effort, partnership and the success of our client We formed in '99 - a mix of postgraduate computer personnel, and financial and project management personnel. Over 50% of our staff are from the one family. However, we work in disjoint locations, using the Internet to bring the finished code together. The team is spread through Dublin, Galway and (of course) Kinsale.

Having all done our time working for other companies, we found ourselves saying more and more that "We could do it these jobs better and cheaper". Now we can actually doing this. For You.

Not towards sales, our focus is towards the customer and the end product. Put another way, we expect our clients and our work to be our best sales team. So, we would be most disappointed if any client is less than satisfied. Maybe this is why we give our clients more attention? Or maybe we just love what we do? Maybe both!


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